Choosing A Catheter Gel

The Importance of Lubrication When Catheterizing


Watch this video to gain more understanding of the important role that lubrication plays in creating a more comfortable experience when you catheterize.

The video explains the risks of having too little lubricating gel and how having enough can help reduce the risk of pain or injury.

Selecting A Lubricant For Self-Catheterization

Use of lubricant is an important choice for many people. You should understand how to select a good lubricant for catheterization. In the chart below are some of the things a good lubricating gel should have. Having the lubrication in a pre-filled syringe can make it easier to use, improve patient comfort and reduce the risk of injury.

Desired Features and Benefits of Using a Pre-Filled syringe of 2% Lidocaine Anesthetic Lubricating Gel

Features Benefits

Sterile, highly viscous (thick) gel.

  • A sterile, highly viscous or thick gel provides a more even opening of the urethra and coating of the lining of the urethra with lubrication. This reduces the risk of tears to the lining and reduces the friction of the catheter on the lining of the urethra.
Anesthetic included in sterile, highly viscous gel.
  • A highly viscous gel sticks better to the surface lining of the urethra. This allows more time for the anesthetic in the gel to be in contact with the urethral lining to work and numb the urethra to reduce the risk of pain. This makes putting the catheter into the urethra more comfortable for you.
Low pressure syringe to instill gel slowly into the urethra.
  • Studies show that putting lubricating gel into the urethra too fast causes pain from rapid stretching of the urethra. Slowly putting the lubricating gel into the urethra reduces urethral pain.1
  • An accordion style syringe design allows low initial pressure to let you slowly put the lubricating gel into the urethra. This gently expands the urethra for improved patient comfort.
Designed to be easy to open and use with one hand.
  • Pre-filled syringes are full of lubricating gel and are ready to use. That means you can open with one hand to keep that hand sterile.
Smooth syringe tip for patient comfort.
  • Smooth cone shaped tip designed for inserting in the urethra helps avoid accidental injury to the urethral opening and improve patient comfort.
Latex free, preservative free, chlorhexidine free.
  • Latex, chlorhexidine, or preservatives may cause allergic reactions when used, and should be avoided.
This product may not be right for you. Always read and follow the label and consult your healthcare provider regularly to discuss whether this medicine is working for you and if it is  causing you any unwanted effects.


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