Designed for Ease of Use and with Patient Safety in Mind

How To Use Cathejell

Your doctor or nurse will teach you how to use Cathejell, and how to perform self-catheterization. Cathejell comes in a pre-filled, easy-to-use 13.3 g syringe. Only use the amount of Cathejell that your doctor has recommended.

Directions For Use Of Cathejell

The illustrations below show how to open a package of Cathejell, prepare it for use and instill it into a urethra. Remember while removing the syringe to keep it compressed to avoid any suction of the gel.

First open the blister pack by peeling back the paper cover and with your dominant hand remove the Cathejell syringe.
Then holding the Cathejell syringe as shown with your thumb at the base and your first two fingers on the neck just above the accordion folds, break off the protective tip by using a firm downward stroke in the bottom of the sterile blister pack and the tip will snap off. Note that there is no rough edge because the tip breaks off cleanly below the opening leaving a smooth tip.
Next you apply a very slight pressure to the syringe, just enough to bring a drop of gel to cover the tip of the syringe.
Once that is done, a drop of Cathejell® is applied to the urethral opening to enable the smooth and rounded cone of the syringe to be easily inserted. Cathejell® is then slowly injected into the urethra. The injection of Cathejell opens and expands the urethra, enabling the catheter to be inserted considerably more easily.
When the syringe seems to be fully compressed and no more gel is easily coming out, its time to remove it by keeping your pressure on the syringe to keep it compressed and then remove it from the urethra.
Now that you have instilled the Cathejell anesthetic lubricant into the urethra, you are ready to insert the catheter.

Instructions For Preparing Cathejell For Use

To watch the proper way to open Cathejell, watch this short video that shows the correct way to open Cathejell and prepare it for use.